Long Term Game 

Langsiktighet som spill. Forestillinger om fremtiden

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Workshop and exhibition, Kunsthall 3,14 February 2016

In February 2016 4 portfolio managers from Nordea Investment Management accepted invitation from an artist to come to the gallery space of Kunsthall 3,14. They met peers for a workshop in this 19th century neo renaissance bank building of Bank of Norway—in order to look 100-200-years ahead and think aloud on one question: Why and how is infinite economic growth possible? The participants were to explain their assertions and render these logic to the artist, here representing an exhibition audience. Based on their own choice of theory, the economists discussed their answers to the question through visualizing relations in physical 3D, arguing for figures and scale in a 100- year perspective. In dialogue with the initiating artist they made a choice of a figure relation essential to their discussion. After a crash course in form/spacial composition our collaboration resulted in a visual representation of these two figures in the old bank vault, where Bank of Norway kept their values right up until 1989. Alongside this installation, a soundtrack featuring their discussions constituted the exhibition that opened in the vault the week after. Video and photographs from the 2014 workshop were exhibited in the old elevator and cloakroom close to the vault.

Curiosity towards the elasticity of our ability to envision, acknowledgement through action of the moment, and the intersection between elements both meaningful and absurd - may may stand as key words. These happenings seek out the challenges of thinking far ahead, as individuals with differing points of view. It is about trying out visualization as a means to comprehend and recognize, and it offers exchange between agents with a thin history of cooperation.